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everything should go back to normal..

I woke up & went right to Kayla's =)

She had a family party & it was so much fun! We had this huuuge water fight and we got thrown in the pool. haha. i love her family.

Her mom let us out & we went uptown saw..Steph & Megan! Then Eddie Will Nat Mark Beach Errin Brendan Mike BenM Leighton ect. I was soo happy to see them all after missing them all week!! I saw Cortneyy James & Sean too. i have to admit i was most happy to see Eddie =) His head looks good & i'm glad he's okayy. i hopee everything goes back to normal soon =)

<33 looove youuu


I expect to see the following out-of-towners in Rutland for the fireworks::

*[Liz Jill & Bree. CassieO BrianaL AmyO (my Holden)]  [Jen Hanson(btw i have a story for youu)] [Ariel Jacky Jordyn & Kristin (my Paxton)] [Danielle Cote(my Sterling)]& everyone else =)

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