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my bessst =)

i love summer

Eddie & mark

Kayyyla & the trike haha.

Kayla Eddie & me

Me & my two BEST friends EVER <333

i love those two soo much.

Eddie & the frog Kayla won him =D

Eddie & his hot new truuuck 8-)

& again..

ohh Eddie.

Me and my bessst friend!

my other BEST friends, Steph & Meg stopped by =)

Eddie & me again.


Kayla & Mark..off to elise's

fiiiiiiiire =)


i had to give the glasses back..

so we took pics first.

of us both wearing them =)

The classic carly & kayla pic.

& again.

i have the bessst friend everyone wants.

kiss kisss`

@ Marks house

Stephh =)

Eddward Michael Prive.

us again =D

Kayla looks soo happppppy !

mhmmm. Eddie & me. (my centering skills)


Stephh =)

the happy couplee

Steph & me.

& again.


<33 Best Friends Foreverrr+ i loove youu guys tons <3333


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