i still have the best friends in the world. 
&& yesterday was one year with my boyfriend. jon<3 9 days i will attend my high school graduation.

everything worked out perfect <333 
summer 2007 is here =)

PEACEOUT wachusett && livejournal.

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what more could i ask for..

i've been with the crew almost every dayy. & that makes summer amazing. last night Mark& Eddie took Kayla & me bowling, we saw Britt Justin & Ben Delaurie =/ the awkwardness ended with the white air head. besides the crew, Steph & me have been bondingg & thats always a blast, making cards, and swimming latee =) last saturdayy Kayla & me chilled with Ben C & Leo, we all went down to long pond to see Jon Justin Chris Dube Jesse JJ ect. Its fun to be with different people once in a whilee. last Friday was an adventure too mixing Justin Jon Josh Dube & Edgar with Mark Bert Will Eddie & of course Kayla Steph & me. Then today Eddie Kayla & me went out to luunch. idk what i would do without my two best friends. <33

&Kayla & I will be in Bangor, Maine from the 14-20 =) Eddie & Mark are coming it from the 17-20 too. <33 what an amazing summer.

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summer time & the living is easyy.

so last week was funn :o) Kayla & me def. missed maine though =(

Monday: Kayyla slept overrr.

Tuesday i had the girls overr [Kayla Jen Ash Britt ] & they slept here.

Wednesday i went uptown with Kayla, saw Ben nikkiB Colleen ect.

Thursday Steph slept over. cruuunk tiime ;o)

Kayla Steph Mark Luke & me went bowling on friday. Then to McDounalds and we slept @ Steph's

Then Saturday Kayla Mark Ben & me went mini golfingg. Kayla slept here.

Sunday: The drive in's with Kayla Mark Luke & Dan.


 i loove summer <33


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its def. steph wilde

Wednesday- Carly and Lizzy came and picked me up and we went to Susans driveway while it was raining and we decorated the windows.  Then Lizzy brought us to the mall and we got matching flip flops and shirts, oooo and we def. got Will and Bert wiiiicked cute presents, for no reason.  Then we left and went to Carly's doctors appointment and i went in :).  Then we went and saw Lizzy get her tongue pierced!!! AHHH it was so cool, it wasnt even bad at all.  Then we went to my house and left for babysitting! Then we came back to my house and slept there! 

Thursday- Umm yea we got up around 12:30, then made lunch, then went back to bed.  We did nothing all day and then took showers and went uptown and picked up Kayla and met up with Megan.  Then we saw Cort and Jen and we all walked down to Megans, and Cort and Jen went to Jens

We are now here at Megans and were sooooo cool!!

p.s. SW + WS, KB + ML, CH + BM, MM + BM = SOO CUTE

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