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@ Megan's house =)

Yesterdayy i hung out with Steph Kayla Will & Eddie after finals @ Steph's house, Steph had to leave so Eddie drove Kayla Will & me uptown and met up with BenM, Mike, Bert Mark Nat ect. We went to the trails and hung out there, then around midnight Mark Kayla Bert Eddie & me went to heights and the other boys went home. Eddie left around 1:30 and the rest of us (Mark Kayla Bert & Me) stayed the night <3 We finally left around 6:00 AM and went to Kayla's. We slept untill 3 in the afternoon, then went to my house then to Megan's around 5, where we are now. The boys are on their wayy overr =)

i love summer..

AIM has been deleted from my home computerr <3 & it will stay that way for the summerr.

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