..you make love when it rains <3 (carlylovesben) wrote,
..you make love when it rains <3

@Stephs with megan

Saturdayy - megans house with Kayla Bert mark Eddie Will Fish BenM ect then Kayla and me slept there.

Sunday - Megan and me spent the day with Beach playing kickball and such then we had a huge kickball game with Kayla Steph Bret Brad beach Eddie Will ect. We went back to Steph's @ like 10 then snuck the boys over from 1:00-4:00 AM haha, It was a good time.

Mondayy..Kayla left early and then Megan came over and we spent the day BURNING by the pool. 8-) Then we had a night in without the boys and Megan and me slept @ Stephs house. <33

i loove my life!   & i have drivinggg time todayyy @ 5:30 ;o)


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