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@ Megans with steph

Yesterday i had driving time then i went uptown and met up with kayla steph megan mark will benM bert eddie bret brad brendan ect. britt loryn colleen nikkiB jake and benC were there too. we left there around 8 and went to the woods and hung out, then back to Megans around like 10:30. The boys came to the trailor laterr that night. we somehow ended up on the phone with Ben Delaurie for a while =/. haha Eddie & I took a driive to Honey Farms around 1:00. Congrats to Steph & Will who are now going outt <33 they left around 3 AM. & we slept. i love these girls so much <33


Bay Path's last day was todayy ;o) & i can't wait until tonight =)

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