..you make love when it rains <3 (carlylovesben) wrote,
..you make love when it rains <3

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@ Kayla's

Friday, Kayla & I went down to Mark's & hung out there <33 Then i slept @ Kayla's house

Saturdayy: we filled water baolloons, and it was her brother's grad partyy. Mark came and picked up Steph Kayla & Me.. we chilled, went to steph's @ 10:20. Then snuck back out @ 11. We hung out with Bert Mark Will & Beach in the prison camps until 3:30ish. Then Kayla & I slept @ Steph's house <33

Kayla Steph & me layed by the pool all day todayy then went to the movies and met up with Megan there. We saw 'The Longest Yard' you have to see it. it's prob the cuuutest movie everrr <3 we hung out all night <33 I'm sleeping @ Kayla's =)

i love the summer time 8-)

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