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the weekend of the fourth.. xOo

Sunday: The FIREWORKS =) They wernt that good. i saw a lot of people so that was fun. Everyone left too soon after the fireworks and then Kayla and me hung out with Bert Mark Will BenM& James @ the hill. Then went to her house around 12.

@ 1:00 Bert Mark Will BenM & James came down we sat @ a fire with Tj Colleen Doug & Justin. Slowly everyone left & @ 5:00 AM Will & Ben left. Then @ 6:00 AM Bert Mark & James left. We FINALLY went to bed.

The parade was Sunday..i went with Steph and we sat as loners to watch it, saw Nicolee & Cortney. Eddy Will & Nat too =) Then went back to her house and we hung out. Throughout the night Kayla ChristaW BrianP AshleyG BrianR Bert Mark ect came and left. Kayla Christa Steph & me had MERL* & then we all slept there..


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