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<3 i hate when i have to leave. & i want to go back to maine.

Last Friday night i went to steph's...

This is to *him*..




we're soo cool ;o)


her frame =)

my blow pops..

i loooove pops.

so does steph ;o)

i looove this girl <33

She's so funny..


kiss kiss`


yup another one to him ;o)

pops pops pops!

mirror shot `


cuute football players *

Then Kayla & Megan came =)

She's my favorite :o)

Steph drove us to get movies..

the cuuuties =)

we went to the Pharmacy.

i love them.


love them <333

awesome times xoxo



So Kayla Slept over and we went to her house early in the morning..Then left for Old Orchard =)

The car ride there..

we got a flat tire =/

Triple A fixed it though =)

& we were off again..


so we got ready..

for a while..


Kayla's cuz & Matt =)

Thats our street sign!

& our house..

a pretty flowerrr.

Kyle Casey Joe Jon  Jeff Rob & Justin

Rob in the wet suit. haha.

we went to the pier that night.

then to the beach the next day.

back to the house for some cards..

he looks thrilled.

i think he won the card game..

hahahahaha, Jeff's cut offs <33

more beach.

back to the pier.

Thats for Eddie ;o)

DDR EXTREME..he was gooood.

Jeff Keith Colby Todd Justin Derrek & Rob

the skaters again =)

Arcade games..

on our wayy..

on the tilt a wirl..haha


Jeff on the Go Carts

Rob rocking the Go Carts for the tenth time.


Jeff drove Kayla..

Justin drove me..

Matt & Caseyy

me & Kayla on the Roller Coasterr.

from the Rollar Coasterr =)


The cutest boys there brought us on the ferris wheel =)

The Pier from the ferris wheel.

ohh Jeff, in Kayla's sweatshirt haha.

the cuuuties <33

Jeff's eye. haha creeepy.

Kayla & Rob.

ohhh Kayla ..

haha Jeff.


Then Justin Jeff & Rob took me & Kayla mini golfing..

we saved the balls ;o)

tough guys on the riiide =) Thursdayy night.

us on the Matterhorn.

Our last dayy..

ohh Rob.

tough guys..

Pete came up =)

& he brought Chris..

& Jon.

& Jasmin!!!! <333

There was a rubber band fight.

Justin got hit alot. haha.

the best looking girls in maine =)

Justin Jeff & Pete with the thumbs up.

aww the brothers <33

ganstaa boyys ..<3

all of us <33 i loooove them xoxo

moree tough guyss.

Sam, Rob, & Kyle.

Justin's awesomee shoes.

Jonny Rochaa is soooo hot!

Justin's such a cuuuutie <33

awesome people right there!

Jeff & Kayla fighting over the Cheez-it's.

we skated/walked to the pier..thats Justin =)

group meeting.

Rob looking hot.

Justin & Jeff.


Rob =)

Jeff is just awesome.

this kid is amazingggg.

Jeff did 9 stairs.

Justin took this from the window @ dinner.

Pete & Justin..

Kayla Jasmin & me. i love you 2 soo much <333

hot boys in the arcade.

& again.

they loved basketball.

Justin won everyy time..=)

They bonded on the Pier.

& looked super hot when doing this bondingg but kayla & me left.

She distracted him.

& i took a picture of hot french fry boyy <333

The boys found us on the pier.

Then they skated moree.

& more


& some more



Jeff & Kayla

He taught her to skate. & Justin taught me.

Then they skated more

& some more

yup some more

Tj & Colleen

everyone that stayed in the house.

jeff playingg.

hahaha ohh Justin, thats hot. & Rob =)

Rob fell alseep early.

Then Kayla jeff Justin & me had our own partyy.

he was confusedd.

trying to change his shirt @ 5 in the morning.

Justin & me walked to beach..

i watched the sunrise =)

while he took a nap.

Then the boys went to bed around 5:30.

after we hid the evidence across the street =/ haha.

Justin taught me to Olly on that grass right there =)

Then they left.. & we left. =/


It was a 'wild' vacation with 'nar nar' events & we hung out with so many 'savages' <33 i hope we hang out with them again.

<333 so many memories. Old Orchard beach Maine, 2005` xoxoxo


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