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what more could i ask for..

i've been with the crew almost every dayy. & that makes summer amazing. last night Mark& Eddie took Kayla & me bowling, we saw Britt Justin & Ben Delaurie =/ the awkwardness ended with the white air head. besides the crew, Steph & me have been bondingg & thats always a blast, making cards, and swimming latee =) last saturdayy Kayla & me chilled with Ben C & Leo, we all went down to long pond to see Jon Justin Chris Dube Jesse JJ ect. Its fun to be with different people once in a whilee. last Friday was an adventure too mixing Justin Jon Josh Dube & Edgar with Mark Bert Will Eddie & of course Kayla Steph & me. Then today Eddie Kayla & me went out to luunch. idk what i would do without my two best friends. <33

&Kayla & I will be in Bangor, Maine from the 14-20 =) Eddie & Mark are coming it from the 17-20 too. <33 what an amazing summer.


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